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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Changing Leaders!

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this day of reflection and rest in the ultimate refuge, Jesus Christ!  I am so thankful today to have a refuge from the enemy of my soul!  God alone is my refuge and strength!  Take time today to worship with a body of believers and to study the precious Word of God.

As I reflect on the reading of the past week, I am again reminded of Moses’ death for his sins.  Moses represents the Law of God.  God’s law can only make us aware of sin and show us God’s holy standard of perfection.  The law ultimately brings all of us to death if we do nothing else but read it.  All of us are born under the rule of “Sin” or “Satan” as our leader.  The law exposes that truth.  We must change “leader” in order to be free from the penalty of death and eternal separation from God.

We need “Joshua” to take us to the promised land of our inheritance.  God has provided His Son, Jesus Christ, as our “Joshua”.  He is more than able to lead us into our full inheritance.  He was lifted up like the snake on the pole to be our remedy for sin.  Sin was put to death on that cross as Jesus took the penalty for us.  All who will look to Him will live.  We change our leader to Jesus Christ, and the great news is that He is alive!  Death could not hold Him!  He has the keys of death and hell!  He is alive forever and we can live forever as we make Him Lord of our life!

Thank God today for the wonderful gift of salvation and for your new leader!  Jesus is the Good Shepherd who will take you into the full inheritance of your heavenly Father!

In His Love,  Pastor John

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