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Figure It Out!

Scripture reading for May 21st: Job 8-10

Job’s dilemma of suffering the loss of his family, property, and health in such a short time caused much pondering of heart and brought his friends to sit with him.  Job had been the greatest man of the East!  (Job 1:3)  He now was a sad and broken man suffering terribly.  He maintained his innocence of known sin and his trust in God throughout this ordeal.  He had many questions and no real answers!  His friends were sincerely trying to help, but their frame of reference was past experience (Eliphaz) and now in today’s reading, logic.

Bildad the Shuhite had been listening to Job and Eliphaz discuss his plight.  Bildad rebuked Job and began by citing God’s justice.  He flatly stated that Job’s children got what they deserved when they were killed by the mighty wind.  God punished them for their sins because God is always just!  It was just logical when looked at in this way.  Bildad encouraged Job to plead with the Almighty if he was pure and upright and God would restore him.  The implication was that he was not really pure, but needed God’s mercy himself if he was to be restored.

Job responded to Bildad with some agreement.  He knew that although he was unaware of known sin, he still carried shame before God.  He knew of God’s greatness and his insignificance in comparison.  Job tells of the greatness of God and how easily God could crush him because of His strength.  If it was His justice, Job felt he would also be in trouble.  (Job 9:19)  Job longed for a mediator who could bridge the gap between man and God.  Someone who could “lay his hand on both of us.”  (Job 9:33-35)  Someone who could remove God’s rod of wrath from Job would enable him to speak without fear.

This deep inner longing of Job is in the heart of every man.  We long for a way to bridge the gap between our small world of sin and suffering and the great world of God and his strength and justice.  We know we are guilty and suffer here on this earth because our disobedience.  We know that punishment awaits us later because of God’s justice.  We also know that we are eternal beings because eternity is in our heart.  Without help, we struggle to figure it out!

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