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Causes of Captivity

Scripture reading for April 14th: 2nd Kings 13-17

God had warned Israel and Judah that certain activities would result in their being taken captive by their enemies and taken out of their wonderful inheritance, the land of Israel.  Like children who hear their parent’s instruction but soon forget, the nation of Israel turned a deaf ear to God and His word.  They hardened their hearts and reaped the consequences.

What did they do that angered the Lord?  God is a jealous God who will not tolerate idolatry.  These Israelites made two golden calves and bowed down to them.  (2nd Kings 17:7-13)   They burned incense to these idols and did wicked things that were immoral.  The prophets warned them, but they refused to listen!  They rejected God’s laws and did their own thing in following their worthless idols and became worthless to God.  God could not use them as a testimony of His goodness when they brought a curse on themselves!

In their idolatry, they sacrificed their sons and daughters in the fires made for these idols.  They practiced divination and sorcery.  (2nd Kings 17:16-17)  They would not consult the Lord but sought demons in direct rebellion to God’s instructions.  God had forbidden them to do these things that the other  nations were doing.

As we contemplate the causes of Israel’s captivity, it is easy to see how our nation is going down the same path!  We are now a nation of idolaters.  We worship gods of our own making.  Idols are an attempt to make god in a form that we can control and define.  The idols of Israel were made of gold because money is often related with idolatry.  The love of money and power is a consuming force in our country.

We are also a nation that sacrifices our children in the fires of abortion and abuse.  Children are a favorite target of Satan because they represent the heritage of the Lord.  Our idols of pleasure and convenience say we should have a right to choose whether or not a baby should live or be sacrificed!  Finally, sorcery and divination are also present in our land.  False doctrines and seeking man or Satan for insight to the future are growing more and more popular.  These are all signs of a nation headed for captivity!  Take time to pray for our nation today!

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