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The wings of a dove!

Scripture reading for June 14th: Psalms 55-59

A friend is someone you can trust and confide in.  They know you for who you really are and often love you in spite of what they see.  They stick with you through thick and thin.  They are there for you when you need them and you can count on them to be honest with you.  Friendships take time to develop and close friends are rare and precious!

One of the most painful experiences is to have a close friend betray you.  He was deeply troubled and in anguish over a betrayal.  He wanted to take the wings of a dove and fly away to a secluded place to rest.  (Psalm 55:6)  It would have been more understandable if it was an enemy who had insulted him and turned against him, but it was his close friend.  It was a man with whom he had enjoyed sweet fellowship as they worshiped together. (Psalm 55:13-14)   He called on the Lord for help during this troubling time.

This psalm is interesting in light of Psalm 32 and 51 which describe David’s trial of faith where he had betrayed his friend Uriah the Hittite!  When this psalm was written and about whom we are not certain.  It may have been concerning Ahiphohel, his close adviser who sided with Absalom in his rebellion. (2nd Samuel 15:12)  It is interesting that David reaped what he himself sowed.

Jesus Christ also went through betrayal.  Judas betrayed his own teacher, rabbi, and friend.  He enjoyed sweet fellowship with Jesus even at the last supper.  Jesus reached out to this one who would betray him and sought to win him over.  (John 13:19-26)  In a sense, all the disciples betrayed Jesus by denying that they knew Him and running away.  We can begin to understand how he might feel when we betray his love.  It is amazing how we can enjoy sweet fellowship with the Lord, and then do things that betray Him!

The good news today is that our Savior did not take flight with the wings of a dove!  Instead, He bore our betrayals, sin, and rebellion and loved us so much that He died in our place!  Take time today to ask for His forgiveness of your betrayals.  Invite Him to be you special friend who will stick closer than a brother!  Enjoy sweet fellowship with one who will never betray you!

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