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An unexpected return!

Scripture reading for April 8th: Luke 12:35-59

Don’t you just love surprises?  You get a letter from the IRS about an audit for last year’s taxes, and you are just thrilled!  Your long lost cousin and her 7 unruly children drop by for an extended visit in your 1200 square foot home, and heaven applauds!  Or maybe a large check comes in the mail, saying you have a refund because of overpayment–do you celebrate?  Or your favorite rich uncle drops by unexpectedly just to bless you and your family by letting you know that he’s put you in his will!  Unexpected events can happen to us at any time and whether they are a blessing or not depends on whether we are ready for what they bring with them!

Jesus warned His followers that His return to earth after the resurrection would be sudden and unexpected by many!  For some it would be the source of highest blessing and others it would come as a thief in the night!  Jesus told them a story (parable) about men waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet.  They should be ready to open the door for him whenever he returned, even if it was late in the night.  The disciples asked Jesus if that story was for them or for everyone.  (Luke 12:41)

Jesus responded with another story that showed that they must pay attention.  Jesus wanted His followers to be faithful and wise managers, feeding and caring for those under their watchful care.  He told them in this story about the possibility of a long delay in his return and some who followed mistreating those under their care and getting drunk.  The master returns unexpectedly and then removes the servant and he loses his reward!  (Luke 12:42-44)  Those who know what to do and do not do it are going to be held to a higher standard than those who do not know.  (Luke 12:47-48)

What kind of experience will it be for you and your family when Jesus suddenly appears at your door?   He will hold each of us accountable for our application of His Word.  We will enjoy the sudden return if we are doing what we know is right or we will suffer great loss if we have neglected His business!    Today is the best time to make needed changes! For the faithful servant, the reward is out of this world!

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