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The Branch and the Spirit

Scripture reading for July 20th: Isaiah 9-12

From the remnant or stump, comes a Branch.  This branch will come from the stump of Jesse.  From the roots of this stump, the Branch will produce fruit! (Isaiah 11:1)  Sounds like a riddle, but there is great prophetic insight contained in these word pictures from Isaiah.  The Branch is none other than Jesus Christ, the son of David through Jesse.

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on the Branch and cause Him to manifest the character of His Father.  This Spirit will be a Spirit of wisdom and understanding.  The Branch will be wise and have great understanding concerning God and His will.  He will be anointed with the Spirit in order to rule justly and judge righteously.  (Isaiah 11:2-4)  The Spirit will be a Spirit of counsel and power and knowledge.  The Branch will give wise counsel and manifest the power of God to do God’s will.  He will possess knowledge and ability to share His understanding to help others.

The Spirit of the fear of the Lord will also rest on this Branch.  He will delight in the fear of the Lord!  This fear or holy respect will be evident by his total obedience to God and His will.  This Branch will judge with righteousness and give decisions for the poor of the earth.  He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth.  This means that His words will have great power to shake the earth and bring down the wicked.

This Branch will have righteousness for His belt and faithfulness for the sash around His waist.  He will bring in an era of peace on earth that will come from His righteous rule.  He will broadcast the knowledge of the Lord over all the earth.  He will stand as a banner to the peoples of the earth as well as gathering up the scattered people of Judah!  (Isaiah 11:10-12)

As we read this prophecy, we can see how Jesus fulfilled much of what is written.  He came full of God’s Spirit and was totally righteous and faithful to God.  He feared His Father God and delighted in obedience.  He has promised to come again and gather His people from Israel and the nations.  He will usher in a rule of peace for a thousand years.  He will shake the earth and judge the wicked!  The Branch will produce fruit!

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