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The Worship connection!

Scripture reading for March 27th: 2nd Samuel 5-7

King David had a heart for God and His presence.  David was a psalmist, musician, and worshiper himself.  He knew God by personal experience.  He attempted to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem with a cart pulled by oxen and guided by Uzzah and Ahio, sons of Abinadab the priest.  David  and the men of Israel were celebrating with all their might, when the oxen stumbled and Uzzah reached out to steady the Ark.  God struck Uzzah for touching the Ark and the celebration ended abruptly!  (2nd Samuel 6:7-9)

After some research, David again decided to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem.  This time the Ark was carried on the shoulders of the priests with blood sacrifice.   David took off his kingly robes and put on a linen ephod and danced before the Lord with all his might.  The house of Israel followed with the sounding of trumpets and loud shouting.  (2nd Samuel 6:12-15)  As the procession entered the city, Michal, David’s wife, saw David dancing and leaping before the Ark and wrongly judged he was putting on a show for the women.  As a result, she became barren and was judged by the Lord!(2nd Samuel 6:20-23)

God wants us to enjoy His presence and has made specific instructions about how man may come into His presence.  When we come in our own way, we disrespect God and bring judgment. We must be careful today to come humbly before the Lord and treat His presence with respect.  We must be covered by the sacrifice of Christ’s blood.

David wanted the Presence of God in his city and the nation he ruled.  David realized that God was King and that he owed Him whole-hearted worship.  He disrobed and danced with all his might as an offering of himself to the Lord.  This was acceptable to God because of David’s heart attitude! In Michal’s eyes,  David’s worship wasn’t “dignified”!  We must be not be critical of others’ ways of worship.

Take time today and examine your own worship of the Lord.  Are you giving God “all your might”?  Are you hungry to have His presence with you whereever you are?  Show Him an extravagant life of worship this week!

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