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Sunday rest and reflection: prayer!

Dear friends,

Greetings again this first day of a new week!  Hopefully, you are spending it gathering with God’s people to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the first day of the week.  He began a new day, called ‘today’, a day of salvation and good news for all mankind!  He is alive and we have the hope of eternal life in Him alone!  There is no other name given under heaven among men by which we must be saved!  (Acts 4:12)

As I reflect back on this week’s readings, I am quickly brought back to the prophet Daniel.  His life of dedication and prayer lived out in the country of Babylon in the midst of pagan culture is amazing!  His world was radically changed with the captivity and move to a strange culture.  He kept his spiritual bearings by praying three times a day.  This habit got him into trouble later in his life.  He was probably nearly 90 years old when this habit caused him to be thrown into the lion’s den during the reign of the Persian king Darius.  His faithfulness to pray stopped the mouths of hungry lions. (Daniel 6:19-22)  He got to share with this king about His God and brought Him honor! (Daniel 6:26-27)

Another time, Daniel was reading the Book of Jeremiah where he saw that the captivity would last 70 years and realized that it was almost over.  He began to seek the Lord by fasting and prayer, confessing again the sins of the nation that took them into captivity.  (Daniel 9:4-19)  This beautiful prayer of repentance brought a swift answer from God by means of Gabriel, the Archangel!  The amazing answer was the word concerning the “Seventy ‘seven’s” which tells the number of years until the Messiah would come.  Prayer is an awesome privilege and God loves to share with His servants.

God’s House is to be a “house of prayer” for all nations! (Mark 11:17)  We gather to worship and to pray for His kingdom and will to be done.  There is power when God’s people gather together and agree together.  Don’t miss out on gathering today and take time to pray!  Read the Word of God and pray for it’s completion in you and your family!  God hears and will answer!  What a privilege we have!

Have a great week in Jesus!  In His Love, Pastor John

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