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Sweet Psalmist of Israel

Scripture reading for April 19th: 1st Chronicles 10-16

King David is well known for his many psalms.  He loved to worship God and was always composing songs that helped express his inner life and feeling during times of joy or hardship.  His life stands as a testimony to us of a man after God’s heart who was know as the sweet “Psalmist of Israel”.

Chronicles is a priestly view of events that were also covered by the writers in Samuel and Kings.  Chronicles records the return of the Ark of the Testimony in more detail than does the account in Kings.  David was zealous for the presence of God being brought to Jerusalem and knew he must find a way to bring it there.  He failed to inquire from God’s word how this might be done and Uzzah lost his life when he tried to steady the cart it was riding on.  (1st Chronicles 13:9-12) This event angered David and caused him to be afraid of God.

On the second attempt to return the Ark to Jerusalem, David sought directions from the Lord, and found that only the Levites could carry the Ark on their shoulders.  He made the proper sacrifices and then worshiped and danced before the Lord with all his might as he lead the procession back to Jerusalem.  (1st Chronicles 15:11-15,25-28)  That same day he gave Asaph a psalm of thanks that he had composed for the occasion.  This psalm was probably sung as they moved the Ark.

This psalm gives thanks to God for His wonderful acts, miracles and wonders He had done.  There was thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness to His covenant with Israel.  In several verses, the psalm extols the Lord among the nations of the earth.  (1st Chronicles 16:8,24,28,31)  God’s goodness and love are noted and thanks was given.  With God in their midst, the nation of Israel was to be a testimony to the nations of the blessing of loving God and having His covenant.

David’s heart for God blessed the people of God and drew them closer to the Lord.  His worship was a great example to the people of how to approach God.  We are to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.  David modeled this as he led the procession bringing the Ark of the Presence to Jerusalem!

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