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True Friendships!

Scripture reading for March 22nd: 1st Samuel 20-23

I had a best friend named Kendal.  We were in the same class at the same school from kindergarten until our junior year of high school.  We camped out during the summer and loved to hunt birds and fish.  We often shared our hearts with each other.  Kendal was drafted into the Army and went to Vietnam.  I went to college and enlisted in the Iowa National Guard.  Kendal gave his life serving our country and I served as a pall-bearer at  his funeral!  Best friends are hard to find but even harder to loose!

David and Jonathan were best friends.  The Scripture records their love for each other and how their hearts were knit together.  (1st Samuel 18:1-4) Jonathan was King Saul’s son and the probable heir to the throne of Israel.  David was a shepherd whom God had selected to be the next king of Israel.  God placed David in Saul’s court to prepare him for his kingship.  Jonathan recognized the favor of the Lord on David and  they became best friends.  They made a covenant that would bind them to help each other and their families.

King Saul was jealous of David’s reputation and was afraid of David’s anointing.  Scripture says he was tormented by an “evil spirit from the Lord”.  (1st Samuel 17:14, 23)  David played his harp for Saul to comfort him.  Saul tried to kill him on several occasions and David was forced to flee.  Jonathan always tried to patch things up.  Real friends are there through thick and thin!

Finally, David realized that King Saul meant to kill him.  Jonathan tried one more time sooth his father, but was himself attacked with a spear!  Jonathan sent David away with tears and reaffirmation of their friendship. (1st Samuel 20:41-42)  When he could, Jonathan would slip away and meet with David.  He always encouraged him in the Lord!  (1st Samuel 23:15-18)

We have a friend like  Jonathan in our Lord Jesus Christ!  He is faithful and true to us, even when the going gets rough!    We can call on him at any time and he will come.  He will warn us of danger and help us to either face it or escape.  He is a friend by covenant and promises to help our descendants as well!  Praise the Lord–He has called us friends!  (John 15:15-17)

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