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Don’t do this wicked thing!

January 8th Scripture Reading: Genesis 18-20

An ongoing debate and cultural war is going on in our society concerning gay and lesbian rights.  Their argument is that genetically they are made with a preference to have sex with the same sex.  They say it is discrimination and lack of tolerance when we will not allow them all the rights that traditional married couples have.  A large number of states have passed traditional marriage protection acts.  Courts are hearing challenges to these laws.  Petitions are being presented to legalize same-sex marriage and even to allow adoption of children to same-sex couples.  Two states have legal same-sex marriages.

From today’s reading, we get insight into how God feels about this sort of activity in a city or country.  He has ordained marriage between a man and a woman.  He made them male and female.  But sin, disobedience to the clear command and purpose of God, always brings consequences.  He is merciful to all who will listen and obey but will judge unrepented sin and rebellion.  Sin’s outcry reaches heaven and God’s ears.

Abraham had interceded with God and knew that God as the judge of the earth would not destroy the righteous along with the wicked. (Genesis 18:25)   In response to the reports of wickedness that had reached heaven, God sent two angels to Sodom to rescue Lot and his family before judgment fell.  As these angels were visiting with Lot, the men of Sodom came knocking on Lot’s door, demanding to have those visitors (the angels) for their own sexual pleasure.  Lot pleaded with them, “Please don’t do this wicked thing.” (Genesis 19:6) But they began to move to break down his door.  The angels intervened, pulled Lot inside, and struck the men blind so they could not find the door.  They then warned Lot to gather his family and leave because they were under orders from God to destroy that city.

The saddest note in this story is when Lot tried to warn his son’s-in- law about the coming destruction and they thought he was joking! (Genesis 19:14)  Lot had moved to Sodom with great riches.  He apparently tolerated the wickedness and even failed to help his own daughters find believing mates.  When the angels warned of the coming destruction, he tried to get out of going where they suggested.   His own wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt!  What a sad case of a man who knew God and His blessing and got deluded by the spirit of Sodom!  How’s your discernment?  Are you aware of the warnings of God’s Word?  Are you warning those involved in the “sin of Sodom?”  Are you careful to vote for godly men and women who will listen to God’s Word on this subject?  Pray for discernment and intercede for mercy for our land!

God’s message for our day is plain!  He designed man and woman for marriage and reproduction and raising godly children.  When we rebel against His plan and do our own thing, consequences will follow.  We have the freedom to choose our lifestyle, but the consequences surely will come with it!  “Don’t do this wicked thing!”

“Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah–from the Lord out of the heavens.  Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities and also the vegetation in the land.  But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” Genesis 19:24-26

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