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Cycles of Disobedience

Scripture reading for March 10th: Judges 1-5

My wife and I have always prayed for our children and grandchildren.  We want them to experience a personal walk with the Lord and avoid the snares of Satan.  Though our prayers are powerful, each child must still choose on his own to obey the Lord.  Sometimes, children  enter a cycle of disobedience where consequences, rather than parent or God,  become their teacher.  Many times, parents are too quick to bail their children out of consequences before the lessons are learned.  Take a look at our heavenly Father’s parenting techniques in the book of Judges!

Through Joshua, the people had renewed the covenant commitment to fully follow God.  (Joshua 24:15), but after the death of Joshua the people fell away. (Judges 2:8-11)  This falling away was due to the failure of the next generation to learn faith and a failure of Joshua’s generation to live out faith.  If we become engrossed in the culture around us, instead of in God and His word, failure always results.  The Israelites did evil in God’s eyes by forsaking Him and turning toward the gods of the culture.  As a result, they reaped the consequences of enemies plundering them and inability to withstand attacks on their land and families.  (Judges 2:14-15)   God allowed consequences to become their teacher!

The remedy for sin and rebellion is repentance.  When the people of God recognized their sins, they would cry out to God for help.  God was merciful and would raise up a judge to deliver them from their enemies.  They would then have peace again under the wise leadership of a godly judge.  When he or she passed from the scene, the cycle would repeat itself in the next generation!  (Judges 2:16-19)

Today’s culture is no different and Christians must stick close to God, worshiping  regularly.  We need the power of the Holy Spirit living in us to stay victorious over Satan’s attacks.  When we begin to mix with our culture and neglect the things of God, consequences of disobedience come upon us and we suffer.  Our “Joshua” is alive, praying for us, and His body, the Church, is there to help us and give us victory!  By staying close to God, we can live continuously in victory!

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