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Each One Counts

Scripture reading for February 11th: Numbers 1-4

The book of Numbers starts with instructions for counting each of the Israelite men 20 years of age and older.  Every one was to be counted in a census by name and one of the purposes was finding those who might serve in the army.  God’s people were an army that was being prepared for battle.  They were organized by divisions under the leaders of the twelve tribes.  Each tribe had a leader that God assigned to help with this task of counting.  (Numbers 1:1-5)  One by one each person was listed and counted as the Lord directed! In that day, only the men were to fight and they needed to be 20 years old to be in God’s army.

We also note that each of the divisions or tribes was assigned a particular place to camp around the Tent of Meeting, which was God’s dwelling in the center of His people .  Three tribes were assigned to each of the four directions around the camp.  They were to assemble around the banner of their tribe.  An army has order and must be around their commander!  Armies also march and assemble around banners that an assigned person carried.

One tribe was assigned to lead the procession when they moved out–the tribe of Judah!  It is interesting to note the Jesus Christ was the “Lion of the tribe of Judah!” (Genesis 49:9) (Revelation 5:5) Judah, Issachar and Zebulun camped on the east of the Tent of Meeting.  It is also interesting to note that the “Eastern” gate is the gate were Messiah will enter the holy city on His return.  One of the names of God in the Old Testament was “Jehovah Nissi”, The Lord our Banner!  He actually led Judah because when the cloud of Glory would move, then the Israelites would move and follow.  A good thought here is our necessity to wait on God and follow Him in His prescribed order!

In all there were 603,550 Israelite men 20 years old and older, not counting the Levites!  There were 22,000 Levite males  a month old or older.  Levites who were between 30 and 50 years of age were to serve in the work of caring for the holy things.  Each one was assigned a job and told what to carry and do.  8,580 were in that group and willingly did the work.  God truly knows about and cares for each of His people.

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