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God is Good, His Love endures forever!

Scripture reading for June 24th: Psalms 104-106

One of the attributes of God is that He is good!  Thankfully, God has been good to me and I have personally experienced that goodness for over 60 years!  In these last three psalms, the psalmist reflects on the goodness of God to His people because of who He is.  Let’s reflect with this psalmist about God, the greatest subject that the human mind could contemplate!

Psalm 104 begins with the praise of God who wraps Himself with light as a garment!  This is the God who is light and in Him is no darkness at all or shadow of turning!  This God is clothed in splendor and majesty! (Psalm 104:1-2)  He by His great power has stretched out the heavens like a tent canopy and decorated the sky with jewels of light.  He is the one who uses the winds as His messengers and the lightening bolts as His servants. (Psalm 104:4)  He set the earth on its foundations and formed it’s surface, covering it with water and setting boundaries for that water.  He created the plants and animals and the birds of the air and fish of the sea. (Psalm 104:24-25)  This majestic God is the source of all food, breath, and life!  He is worthy of continual praise for His goodness! (Psalm 104:33-35)

In Psalm 105 God is worshiped for His faithfulness to His covenant with His people!  (Psalm 105:8-9)  History is filled with the record of God’s miracles and deliverance on behalf of His people.  The people of God have been cared for by God’s power and wisdom throughout their history, from saving them from famine through Joseph to the deliverance from Egypt through Moses and the miracles wrought through his hands.  God brought the people out of slavery, loaded down with silver and gold.  He fed them and watered them on their journey (Psalm 105:37-41).  This was because of His promises to Abraham and the covenant that God was faithful to keep!  He is worthy of praise!

Psalm 106 begins with a declaration of the goodness and love of God! (Psalm 106:1)  This is but an attempt to proclaim what is an infinite subject!  God’s goodness is without limit and His love goes from everlasting to everlasting!  Now that’s a broad subject!  God’s love also includes His loving discipline!  God only disciplines those He loves!  Some of the judgments recorded here include the wilderness experience where a generation that would not believe died!  God dealt with unbelief, rebellion, idolatry, grumbling and disobedience!  (Psalm 106: 32-39)  God’s people have a history of unfaithfulness, but God has remained faithful!  Even when He handed them over to the nations, He heard their cry and because of His great love, he relented! (Psalm 106:44-46)  This good and ever-loving God deserves praise from everlasting to everlasting!

Take a moment today to remember God and His faithfulness to you personally.  Look back over your life and offer thanks and worship for God’s creation, provision, healing, deliverance and discipline that you have experienced!  Remember, we will worship Him for eternity!

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