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God’s Tent in the Camp

Scripture reading for January 28th: Exodus 25-27

How would your life be different if you knew that God lived with you in a special tent?   This is what the Israelites experienced for many years after Mt. Sinai.  Moses was given specific instructions while he was on the mountain with God during the two forty day periods.  These instructions included the ten commandments as the foundation of holiness for God’s people and then the practical explanation of how these ten words worked out in their everyday life. (Exodus 20:3-17)  In order for God to be in their midst, they must be holy.  Holiness is all about love flowing in our lives.

The Lord commanded the Israelites to bring Him an offering from the plunder of Egypt.  (Exodus 25:2-7)  A true test of our love coming from our heart is to follow the money that we give and spend.  This offering was to be given willingly and cheerfully, not out of compulsion.  (2nd Corinthians 9:7)  The offering was then to be used to build a sanctuary for the Lord so that He might dwell with them on their journey.  God gave them the exact pattern for this special sanctuary called the tabernacle.

The tabernacle was really an elaborate tent that contained a special box called the ark of the covenant.  The ark was to be made of special wood, covered with pure gold.  It’s lid was call the atonement cover and it was to be specially made from one sheet of beaten gold and contained two cherubim, one on each end.  The cherubim were angelic figures with wings outstretched over the cover. This box contained the ten commandments given to Moses by the Lord.  (Exodus 25:17-21)  God told Moses that He would meet with him there, on the atonement cover between the angelic cherubim.

As we think about this amazing process, Jesus Christ comes to our mind.  He came to God’s people 1500 years later and pitched His tent in their midst!  (John 1:14)  His humble body was completely obedient to God’s law and he willingly gave Himself as the offering to build God’s true house!  It is through Him that all mankind can now meet with God in the true tabernacle in heaven, where the real cherubim surround the throne crying “Holy, Holy, Holy!”  It is through Him that we each become a dwelling place for God’s glory during our stay here on earth!  Praise the Lord!

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