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Willing to Die

Scripture reading for May 15th: Esther 3-4

The beautiful new Queen is now faced with a dilemma.  A plot to kill off all Jews is going on in the palace and her husband, the King, has signed the edict.  Her uncle Mordecai is fasting and has found a way to warn her and appeal to her for mercy.  How will she ever help her people?  God’s favor is desperately needed!

Haman was angry that Mordecai would not show him honor by bowing to him.  In his anger, he plotted to kill Mordecai and all of the Jews, people he deemed disrespectful and worthy only of elimination.  The king gave his approval of the plan to destroy the Jews.  A day was picked by casting lots and the day was the thirteenth day of the twelfth month!  (Esther 3:7)  A decree was drawn up and plans were made.  Haman would contribute about 120 million dollars in silver to pay for this operation!

This plan was what Mordecai had shared with Queen Esther.  She asked Mordecai and her people to fast for three days.   God’s favor would be needed before she sought an audience with the King.  She knew the possibility of death awaited her if the King was having a bad day or felt threatened by her approach.  She was willing to die on behalf of saving her people.  (Esther 4:15-16)

As we look at this interesting dilemma, we see how Satan hates the people of God.  He is always looking to kill, steal, or destroy them.  (John 10:10)  God’s people are in a spiritual battle that requires spiritual weapons.  We rely on prayer and fasting.  Fasting causes us to be humbled before God and God sees our humble spirit and gives grace.  Prayer asks God to do what we can’t do ourselves.  We are dependent on Him for favor, direction and protection.  As Esther began this process, she became willing to even give her own life to try to spare her people.  This act of humble submission and willing sacrifice would bring God’s grace to her people in a unique way.

Take time today to check out your spiritual weapons.  Are you resisting the Devil and alert to his plans to kill, steal or destroy you?  Give thanks to the Lord for sending Jesus Christ as His willing sacrifice for our sins in order to save us from hell and death!

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