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Thankful for Intercessors!

Scripture reading for January 25th:  Exodus 28-32

Key Scriptures:  Exodus 32:9-11, 14 “I have seen these people,” the Lord said to Moses, “and they are a stiff-necked people.  Now leave Me alone so that My anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them.  Then I will make you into a great nation.”  But Moses sought the favor of the Lord his God.  “O Lord,” he said, “why should Your anger burn against Your people whom You brought out of Egypt with great power and and a mighty hand?  . . . .” “Then the Lord relented and did not bring on His people the disaster He had threatened.”  

After the incident with the golden calf, God was angry at the idolatry and adultery of His people.  He was ready to destroy them and start over.  Moses stood in prayer and interceded for God’s mercy!  God listened and relented!

Thankful for Christ’s intercession:  God’s anger against our sin was laid on Jesus Christ, who prayed for us!  “When they came to the place of the Skull, there they crucified Him, along with the criminals–one on His right and the other on His left.  Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  (Luke 23:34)


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King of the Jews!

Scripture reading for February 13th: Matthew 27:35-66, Psalm 33, Proverbs 9:7-8

“When they had crucified Him, they divided up His clothes by casting lots.  And sitting down, they kept watch over Him there.  Above His head they placed the written charge against Him:  THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS.”  Two robbers were crucified with Him, on on His right and on on His left.  Those who passed by hurled insults at Him, shaking their heads and saying, “You who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days, save Yourself! Come down from the cross, if you are the Son of God!” (Matthew 27:35-40)

It was the custom to place the charges against the criminal above their heads on the cross where they were crucified.  Pilate had ordered that the charge be “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews”.  The chief priests argued with Pilate  and told him not to write “King of the Jews” but only that Jesus had claimed to be “King of the Jews”. Pilate was resolute and left the sign in place. (John 19:19-22)  It is ironic that the sign was the truth, Jesus was and is still the King of the Jews as well as “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords”!  (Revelation 19:16)

The charge was taken as a joke by the people and soldiers as well as the chief priests.  They mocked and ridiculed their King, taunting Him and hurling insults at Him!   As they had asked for His blood to be upon them and their children, they further incriminated themselves with the mocking.  Little did they understand that this was God’s Son, and their King and Messiah.  They were hardening their hearts before the one who was offering His life to save them!  “He saved others,” they said, “but He can’t save Himself!  He’s the King of Israel!  Let Him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in Him.” (Matthew 27:42)  Even the robbers who were crucified with Him, heaped insults on Him!

One of the robbers finally did humbly ask Jesus to remember him when he came into  His Kingdom.  Jesus promised him he would be with Him in Paradise that day!  Jesus also prayed for those who had crucified Him and taunted Him.  He asked the Father to forgive them.  This King of Kings is full of mercy and will save any who call on Him!  Have you?

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Today, in Paradise!

Scripture reading for April 27th: Luke 23:11-43

“Two other men, both criminals, were also led out with Him to be executed.  When they came to the place called the Skull, there they crucified Him, along with the criminals–one on His right, the other on His left.  Jesus said, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  And they divided up His clothes by casting lots.” (Luke 23:32-34)  The scene of the crucifixion was on a hill overlooking the city that had a strange shape on it’s vertical face that made it appear to be a human skull.  These Roman soldiers had probably executed criminals there many times.  Jesus was fulfilling prophetic words written by Isaiah that stated He would be numbered with the transgressors.  (Isaiah 53:12)

It is interesting to note Jesus’ prayer from the cross recorded by Luke.  Jesus asked for mercy on those who accused Him falsely and those who nailed Him there following orders.  His thoughts were not on His own needs, but on the needs of those He came to save.  Even as the soldiers gambled for His clothes, His last earthly possession, He was calling on His Father to have mercy on His enemies, just as He had taught!  What an example of grace!  How prayer strengthened Him to avoid temptation!

These two criminals who hung on each side of Jesus heard His prayer.  One of them mocked Jesus and insulted Him, calling on Jesus to save Himself and them.  The other, humbled by Jesus’ prayer and confessing his own sinfulness, rebuked the first criminal for his insults.  “Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”  Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with Me in paradise.” (Luke 23:42-43)

How simple was the response of the second criminal!  A simple plea for remembrance and a confession of belief that Jesus had a kingdom and was a king brought a positive answer from Jesus’ lips.  The truth, according to Jesus, was that even that day, they would both be together in paradise!  Have you placed your faith in Jesus Christ?  No matter what you have done or how many things you are guilty of, Jesus stands ready to hear your humble plea and confession of faith!  He came to seek and save that which was lost!  (Luke 19:10)

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What Will Happen When the Tree Is Dry?

Scripture reading for October 29th: Luke 22-24

Today, we are going to look at a short passage that I have never heard preached on nor have I preached on it.  As Jesus was carrying His cross, He was followed by a large group of women who were weeping and mourning for Him.  “Jesus turned and said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me; weep for yourselves and for your children.  For the time will come when you will say, ‘Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!’  Then “‘they will say to the mountains, “Fall on us!” and to the hills, “Cover us!'”  For if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?” (Luke 23:28-31)

Simon of Cyrene had just picked  up Jesus’  cross as He had stumbled under the load.  His back was beaten and bloody, his brow was pierced by thorns and He was headed for Golgotha to be nailed to the cross.  The women who were wailing caught His attention.  He told them not to weep for Him!  Jesus was not thinking about Himself, but about Jerusalem and her inhabitants!  This is a touching thought that reveals His heart for the lost of His own people.

Jesus saw into the future, and spoke prophetically to those distraught women.  He spoke of a time in the future when greater distress would be upon their children.  The distress would be so great that women would be thankful to be barren so that their children would not have to experience it!  The distress would cause men to call for rocks and mountains to fall on them.  This distress was described by John:  “Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.  They called to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on  us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!  For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?” (Revelation 6:15-17)   This will be the distress when the tree is dry!  Jesus was the green tree who was with them and they crucified Him!  May all take heed and be prepared!

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