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The great crash!

Scripture reading for January 8th: Matthew 7, Psalm 6, Proverbs 2:9-11

Jesus liked stories that His listeners could identify with.  He was good at picking out simple stories that illustrated His teaching.  Kingdom life was all about living in obedience to God by faith.   Jesus picked a common story of two men building their houses to bring focus on the long-term results of decisions to obey God or not.  As we read the story, the story reads us!

The first builder was a wise man.   He knew about the weather, climate, and dangers of the country he lived in.  He knew that any house that was going to last would require a strong foundation.  He wisely located an area with rock under it and built his house there.  He dug into the rock and anchored the house securely.  Later, when the strong winds and storms came, his house would provide a secure shelter for him and his family!

The second builder was foolish.  He knew about the weather, climate and dangers of the country he lived in, but loved the beach and the life offered there.  He saw the nice flat sand and noted how easy it was to dig in some mooring for his home.  He built his house there and had a fine looking home on the beach until a storm from the sea blew in and his house was washed away with a big crash!

Jesus warned his followers to stick close to His teaching because the gate was narrow leading to life and few would find it.  Jesus was and is that gate!  (John 10:7)  The broad way was heavily populated and many were on their way to destruction.  In fact, those who heard the word and obeyed it, putting it into practice were likened to the wise builder who built on the rock.  His house would stand against any storm!  Those who heard but didn’t apply His teaching were like the foolish man who built on the sand.  His house came down with a great crash!  (Matthew 7:24-27)

A great storm of God’s wrath is coming!    Each person must choose their foundation, taking into account life’s storms.  Only one foundation will stand the final storm of God’s judgment–Jesus Christ as Lord!   How does this simple illustration help you to discern your future?  Jesus wanted His followers to stand the test by hearing, heeding and applying!

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