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The Son of Man (Adam)

Scripture reading for March 19th: Luke 3:23-38, Psalms 62:1-12, Proverbs 11:18-19

To most people, Bible genealogy is boring reading.  But Luke was careful to include a genealogy for Jesus through Joseph that went all the way back to Adam.  He wanted to show that Jesus was the Son of Man as well as the Son of God.  And this genealogy has some interesting insights for us that will help us with our faith and give us encouragement.

The Bible contains lots of names and often the names have great significance.  For starters, God knows our name!  He deals with us as individuals and not as a number among billions.  God also has a record of offspring and has kept that record for us to show us that Jesus, the second Adam, can be traced to the original Adam!  (Roman 5:18-19)  As the first Adam brought sin to all men through his disobedience, so through the obedience of Jesus Christ, righteousness was brought to all who would believe!  God had a plan that He brought forth through succeeding generations that culminated with the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ!

Another interesting observation about the genealogy in Luke is the flow of the story of Jesus through promises made and recorded.  Noah obeyed God and built an ark that carried him and his three sons and their families to safety.  (Genesis 6:18-22)  Through them the promised redeemer would come since all others on earth were destroyed!  Abraham was told that through his son, Isaac, all families of the earth would be blessed!  (Genesis 12:3)  This promise was repeated to Isaac’s son Jacob in the next generation and recorded for us!  (Genesis 28:14)   God’s developing story line is captured here in the flow of individuals through the stage of history as recorded by the Bible.

Jesus was of the tribe of Judah, a son of Jacob.  This line brought forth the second king of Israel, David.  God told David  that from him would come a king that would rule forever!  (2nd Samuel 7:12-13)  One of David’s offspring several generations later was Zerubbabel, the governor of Jerusalem, who helped rebuild the temple.  (Zechariah 4:6-10)

God’s plan is again confirmed as we look at this special list of names.  The question for us is this:  Is our name written in God’s book?  We must be born again by faith in the Son of Man to be in the Book of Life!

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