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Sunday Rest and Reflection–providence!

Greetings on this wonderful day of refreshing!  Every day is a day of refreshing in Jesus Christ, but Christians celebrate a day of worship and rest on the first day of the week because that is the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead!  This supernatural event declares Jesus to be the Son of God with power!  (Romans 1:4)  He stands uniquely above any other person because of this event and the many eye-witnesses that testified to this truth!  We who believe in Jesus Christ have a strong foundation to rest on!

I want to reflect today on the “providence” of God.  Providence is a word that seems to mean “chance” or “luck”.  But we as Christians do not believe in “luck”.  God is sovereign and has the power to bring about His purposes in several ways.  First, He alone knows all things.  He knows what will happen and how things will happen.  Second, He has the power to make things happen.  He is not bound by the creation that He created.  He is bound by His love and the covenant he made with man!  He is also bound by His own Word.  If He has said it, He will do it!  He has also decreed that He will hear the prayers of His people and act upon them in a way to bring about their forgiveness, deliverance, healing and prosperity in accordance with His own Word.

We have the tendency to think of providence as just events happening at random in a way that blesses us or causes us harm.  In God’s economy, everything will work for good for those that love God and seek Him in prayer.  (Romans 8:26-28)  He even gives us the Holy Spirit to help us to pray according to the will of God!  As we pray in the Spirit, according to His perfect will, He causes providence to happen for our good!  He can take that which was meant for evil and turn it to our good.  He can take evil men and turn the tables on them!  He can bring hidden things to light at just the right time to change the course of history!  Esther’s story with that of her Uncle Mordecai gives us glimpses into the miraculous providence of God released when His people pray!  Have a great day of rest and may the providence of our Lord bless your socks off!  Love, Pastor John

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