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Connecting with our inheritance!

Scripture reading for February 18th: Numbers 26-30

I sometimes teased my daughters that I strongly considered the biblical name “Hoglah” for naming them!  My wife and I raised lots of hogs in our early years so this would fit our past life!  Somehow, they never have thought that was funny!  But in today’s reading, Hoglah was a daughter to be proud of!  She was a daughter who was zealous for her inheritance rights.

Zeolophad lived in Moses’ time and had five daughters.  He had died during the march through the desert to the “promised land”.  His daughters went before the Tent of Meeting and petitioned Moses to be allowed to inherit the property of their father.  One of their talking points was that their dad had not been a part of Korah’s rebellion.  He had simply died as a result of his own sins. (Numbers 27:2-3) Up to that time, no ruling had been made and it was tradition that the sons got the inheritance.  These godly daughters felt that was unfair!  They wanted equal rights to an inheritance in the promised land!  (Numbers 27:4-5)  This was a breakthrough for women’s rights of inheritance and spiritual equality that God Himself  established!

Roles for men and women are defined by God and we must accept those roles, but some things are open for negotiation.  These women teach us some important lessons.  We must appeal to the Lord and to His established leadership when we want changes.  We must willing to abide by the decision of leadership because God has appointed them.  Some problems in the community of believers must be worked out through prayer and interaction.  God will help us when we have godly motives and respect authority.

Their story continues at the end of Numbers, where another question arises concerning their inheritance of property.  What if they married outside of their family?  Would that land transfer out of the tribe?  God’s answer was that they must marry within the clan to keep the property!  These godly women responded in obedience and faith and married their cousins. They kept their property and inheritance!  Oh, for daughters like Hoglah!   (Numbers 36:1-12)

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