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God Works in Our Mess!

Scripture reading for January 14th: Genesis 37-40

Have you ever tried to get even with someone and found that your revenge came back on you in another form?  This is what happened to Joseph’s older brothers.  They were jealous of Joseph, their younger brother, because he was his father’s favorite.  (Genesis 37:3)  His father made him a special coat of many colors.  His father sent him on errands and gave him responsibility to check on the work of the older brothers.  On top of that, Joseph had dreams in which he was the ruler over his brothers and father, and he  unwisely shared these dreams with them.  These circumstances brought about jealousy, envy, and anger that nearly led to Joseph’s murder!  (Genesis 37:18)

The brothers ended up selling Joseph into slavery in Egypt, taking his robe, and dipping it in blood to fake his death.  They thought that they had solved their problem of a brother who was a pompous dreamer!  They could now get on with life with no more aggravation. Note that their jealousy did not hinder, but rather promoted, God’s plan of salvation!

When God is involved in a family and speaks to individuals, He knows how everything will work out.  He is not shocked by our boastful behavior or our brothers’ angry reactions.  God goes about working out His plan and the dream that He had given Joseph.  Joseph got a free ride to Egypt when he would have never gone on his own.  While there, the word of the Lord tested his faith during slavery, temptation by a married woman, (Genesis 39:10) and extended time in prison.  (Psalm 105:17-19)  All of this God used to prepare Joseph for his mission of saving his brothers and the known world from a disastrous 7 year famine.

God even used Joseph in interpreting dreams and he gained a reputation as someone with knowledge and insight.  (Genesis 40:8)  While in jail, Joseph interpreted two dreams that came true to the letter.   The chief cup bearer was supposed to remember Joseph to Pharaoh when he was restored according to Joseph’s word, but promptly forgot him. (Genesis 40:  12-14, 23)  Even bad memories work out for good in God’s economy!

Take time today and invite God to work in your mess!  Read His word and trust His promises.  Wait patiently in the midst of your messy trial for God is working out something for good for you! (Romans 8:28)

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