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Miserable Comforters

Scripture reading for May 24th: Job 15-17

Have you ever gone to a doctor for a check up and gotten a bad report?  I talked with a person the other day who went to a doctor for help with a problem and after the tests were run, the trusted doctor told this person there was no hope.   The doctor suggested funeral arrangements and getting affairs in order to die!  The doctor was trying to share what he understood from the tests, but God always has the last word!  By the way, that was thirty years ago and this person is still going on in faith!

Job endured some similar attempts by friends to help him!  Job was told by his wife to curse God and die.   (Job2:9)   Job was told by his friends that he must have been involved in some terrible sin to be in the circumstances he was in.   At times, his own emotions brought him to depression and a desire to die. (Job 10:18-19)  Job cried out, “miserable comforters are you all!”  (Job 16:2b)  All of this was part of an attempt by Satan to get Job to deny his faith in God and give in to the circumstances and pressure of those who were judging him.

Deep inside, even though tormented by all these accusations, Job holds to his integrity.  He declares his hands free from violence and his prayer as pure.  (Job 16:16-22)  He knows that he has a witness in heaven who knows the truth and will plead with God for him.  He knows that his time on earth is short, but his cry has come before God.  Where did these thoughts come from?  What did Job see or hear in the natural that might have given this understanding?

God works on the inside of man by revelation.  He shows us through faith this unseen world that is more real, being eternal, than the temporary one we live in.  When we choose to place our trust in God, He enlightens the “eyes of our understanding” in the inner man.  We know that God is for us and that One intercedes for us today, Jesus Christ, the Righteous one!  (Romans 8:31-34)  The Spirit also helps us to pray and is our true comforter!  (Romans 8:26-27)  Though man may fail us, God is our comfort and strength!

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