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Youthful Wisdom

Scripture reading for May 31st: Job 32-34

Elihu was a younger friend of Job and his friends.  Elihu had been listening to the arguments between these friends and Job and had been taking notes.  He was disappointed at the arguments on both sides and finally felt that he must speak.  It is interesting to note that God never rebukes Elihu or asks Job to pray for him.  We are not told why, but it may be that he spoke youthful wisdom by God’s Spirit!  (Job 32:18; 33:3-4)

Elihu humbly appealed to Job on the basis of being made from clay just like all men.  (Job 33:6)  He assured Job that he was not there to beat him up or belittle him.  He wanted to talk to him plainly about some of his statements that had bothered him.  This approach is honest and scriptural.  We should be able to discuss our differences without offense or animosity.

Job had stated that although he felt he was innocent, God had found fault with him and had shackled him with this trial.  Elihu stated that God used trials to teach us.  He isn’t always punishing us when we go through trials.  (Job 33:14-22)  He uses these to warn us and keep us from pride or wrong actions.  Elihu suggested that man needs an angel or mediator to help him understand his troubles.  We are often blind to the problem and need correction and prayer.

Elihu tried to be the true kind of friend who would help with understanding and correction and not bring condemnation.  He invited Job to answer him or respond.  He invited the friends to test his words with their ears as the tongue tastes food!  (Job 34:3)  Elihu stated strongly to Job and his friends his belief that God would never do wrong or evil and certainly would not pervert justice!  (Job 34:10-12)  God is totally impartial and governs the earth and all its inhabitants and rulers accordingly.

Elihu was young but showed great wisdom.  He knew he was human and appealed to these older saints to listen.  He listened before speaking and then offered his insight humbly.  He recognized God’s power and His justice and knew that God worked in many ways that we sometimes don’t understand.  He knew that Job needed help from God and his friends to get through this trial.  Thank God today for those He sends to you with His wisdom!

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