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Godly judges are important!

Scripture reading for April 28th: 2nd Chronicles 17-20

A dangerous trend in our own land is the appointment of judges who do not render decisions based on the law, but try to legislate from the bench.  They feel that they can tailor the laws of the land rather than just interpreting the laws according to their original intent.   Every government needs a moral base of law to define clearly what is right and wrong.

King Jehoshaphat decided to bring reform to the people he served.  He appointed judges in each of the fortified cities and gave them strict instructions about how to serve the Lord and His people.  He told them that each decision should be rendered as from the Lord and that the fear of the Lord should be upon them. (2nd Chronicles 19:5-7)  There should be no injustice, partiality, or bribery, for God is righteous!

In Jerusalem Jehoshaphat appointed some of the Levites to administer the Law of the Lord.  He gave them strict orders to uphold the Law of the Lord and to warn the people not to sin against the Lord or his wrath would come upon them.  (2nd Chronicles 19:9-10)  They were to act with courage and God would be with them and reward them.

God Himself places all authority in position.  (Psalm 75:6-7)  When those in authority violate His laws, consequences follow that bring God’s wrath and judgment.  Unrighteous judges have reinterpreted the laws of our land seeking to remove God and His law from the land.  We are in danger of God’s wrath and are already experiencing it.

Take time today to pray for those in authority.  Pray that they will appoint judges who will impartially interpret the laws.  Pray that there will be no bribery, injustice, or partiality.  Vote for godly leaders.  Call elected officials and make  your godly beliefs known.  Teach your children God’s Word and law so that they know what He expects!  If we don’t pray and take action, we will be overwhelmed with ungodly laws, unrighteous judges, and God’s wrath!

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