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Sunday rest and reflection–worship

Dear friends, Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, the One worthy of all worship!  When many people think of worship, they think of singing hymns or spiritual songs.  Some people think of a church service with a choir, instruments, and people following a worship leader.  Whatever your worship ideal, spend time today honoring God in worship and gathering with His people.

Psalms was the temple worship book of the Old Testament Jew.  This was compiled over one thousand years of time and represents a variety of authors and different worship styles.  Most are poetry set to music and were accompanied by instruments.  There were several kinds of musical instruments mentioned for worship. The sounding trumpet was to praise the Lord!  The harp was played by King David.  The lyre was a stringed instrument, similar to the guitar or mandolin. (Psalm 150:3-4) The flute and  resounding cymbals are also mentioned as well as the tambourine.  (Psalm 149:3; 150:5)

During times of worship, people might kneel or bow down.  Sometimes they stood to honor the Lord and His Word.  Sometimes they would raise their hands or clap their hands.  They would sing the Psalms or they might sing a “new song” to the Lord that came from their hearts by the Spirit.  At other times, they would dance and shout or sing before the Lord with loud voices and passionate dance.  David was judged to have made a fool of himself by dancing before the Lord!  Sometimes the congregation would be still and simply recognize that God was God.  However you want to express your honor and devotion to the Lord will be accepted if it is done in a spirit of humility and true worship.   God sees the heart.

May your life of worship, be blessed!  We gather with God’s people for worship, but go out to live a life of worship, honoring God in each day with every breath! We sing to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs and make melody in our hearts to the Lord, doing everything to His glory!

In His Glorious Worship,  Pastor John

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