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Suicidal pigs!

Scripture reading for March 29th: Luke 8:22-40

We had about 2,000 pigs on our farm in various stages of growth.  Pigs are usually known for being filthy, but when given the opportunity, keep their sleeping area clean.  Pigs raise litters of 8-12 babies.  They go from about three pounds at birth to 250 pounds at 6 months of age if you give them the right food.   Most pigs are fairly docile and come when you call them for food.  In raising thousands of pigs, I have never seen what was described in the record of Luke!

Jesus had come to this region of the Gerasenes by boat through a terrible storm.  He had fallen asleep and had to be awakened by the disciples when they feared for their lives.  (Luke 8:22-25)  Jesus spoke to the storm and upon reaching their destination they found a man who living among tombs.  This man was naked and had broken chains that had been designed to restrain him.  The demons in this man immediately recognized Jesus as the Son of God!  (Luke 8:28)  Jesus asked the man what his name was, and he answered, “Legion”, because many demons had gone into him.   (Luke 8:30-31)

“A large heard of pigs was feeding there on the hillside.  The demons begged Jesus to let them go into them, and He gave them permission.  When the demons came out of the man, they went into the pigs, and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and drowned.” (Luke 8:32-33)  Jesus allowed the demons to go into these animals.  When they did, these normally docile pigs became possessed and they ran over a steep bank and fell into the lake and were drowned!  Mark tells us that there were about 2000 pigs that died! (Mark 5:13)

I believe that each person is precious to God and God loves all men enough to do whatever it takes to set them free.  He  allowed the demons into the pigs to show the people in that region their destructive nature and call them to repentance and faith in Him.  Instead they responded by loving their pigs more than the deliverance of the demoniac and asking Jesus to leave them alone.  Jesus answered their prayer!  Their request was even more suicidal, possibly ending in eternal destruction!  Their only hope was Jesus’ instruction to the delivered man to be a witness of what Jesus had done!

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