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A People, a King, and a Kingdom!

Scripture reading for April 17: 1st Chronicles 1-9

The Book of Chronicles was originally the last book in the Hebrew Scriptures.  It begins with a listing of names starting with Adam and going through Noah. (1st Chronicles 1:1-4) From there it takes the three sons of Noah and tells of their descendants.  From Shem, the genealogy follows Abraham’s line through Isaac and Ishmael.  Then the line is continued through Isaac to Jacob (Israel).  (1st Chronicles 2:1)  Jacob’s line is traced to Jesse, the father of David and then picks up David’s family as well.  (1st Chronicles 3:1-9) The last chapters of today’s reading cover the children of each of the twelve sons of Israel and their offspring.

What can we gain from this somewhat boring portion of Hebrew history?  Is there any good to come from this repetition of people, offspring, and historical tidbits?

We actually can gain confidence and insight into the heart of God from this passage of Scripture.  First, God keeps good books!  He cares about names and people as well as what they did!  This gives us confidence about the Book of Genesis as a source book for God’s people throughout their history.  God knows each person by name and knows and remembers their children as well as their faith. He also has a plan to bring forth a King, His Son, through a specific line of people.

One example of a remembrance concerns Reuben, the firstborn son of Israel (Jacob).  He is noted for defiling his father’s marriage bed and losing his rights as firstborn because of this.  (1st Chronicles 5:1-3)  Another note concerns the sons of Levi and his descendant, Merari.  His sons were put into service by King David to minster with music before the tabernacle and Tent of  Meeting until Solomon built the temple.  (1st Chronicles 6:29-32)  The people of Judah were noted for being taken captive to Babylon because of their unfaithfulness and then being the first to resettle on their own property afterward.  (1st Chronicles 9:1-2)

We would do well to realize today that God has a plan.  He gives each person a name and holds each one responsible for how they respond to what they know.  By grace He chooses people to fulfill His purposes.  He will have a people who will rule His Kingdom under the rule of His Son Jesus Christ who came through the lineage of David!  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

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