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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Willing Sacrifice

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Glorious Name of Jesus!   It is such a joy to be able to be in God’s house with God’s people to worship the one who willingly gave His life for us!   No one has to force me to go to church; I delight to do that!  It’s not just because I am a pastor either, for I would do this regardless!  It isn’t a sacrifice; it is a great privilege and also a sacred responsibility.  My wife and children are watching me.  They are looking at my life and my leadership.  They are learning by my example.  My friends and neighbors are also watching.  More than any of these, God, Himself is watching and knows my heart!

Esther was part of the Jewish nation in captivity.  She was placed in the King’s palace in a foreign land and when one of the King’s officials plotted the murder of all Jews, she had a decision to make.  It could have cost her life and position, but she fasted and made the necessary sacrifice willingly.  (Esther 4:16)  The end result was the saving of her people from execution. (Esther 9:22)

Job was a great man from the East who trusted in God.  He willingly made sacrifices for his children each day to intercede for their souls. (Job 1:5) They were all killed in a sudden storm, but the end of Job tells of a double return for Job in everything he lost.  He had ten more children, but the implication is that the other ten would be seen again in heaven!  (Job 42:10-13)

As you join today with God’s people, willingly give yourself and your tithes and offerings to see God’s saving grace in your family and nation!  Eternity will reveal the great rewards!

In His Love, Pastor John

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