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God-given Dreams

Scripture reading for January 15th: Genesis 41-44

We serve a God who knows everything and who works out everything for the good of those who love and serve Him.  Words to describe God that fit here are ‘omnipotent’ (all powerful) and ‘omniscient’ (all knowing).  Because of these divine attributes, God knows everything that is, was, and will be.  He also has the power to get this information to the right people in order to demonstrate His mercy and love and warn of coming judgment.  He also has the power to do what He says and the integrity to do it as He has decreed!

Joseph had learned to walk by faith and God had gifted him with the ability to interpret dreams.  God had given Pharaoh two dreams in one night that troubled him.   These were very vivid dreams of seven fat cows that were eaten by seven gaunt cows and a second dream of seven fat heads of grain that were swallowed by seven that were thin and scorched by the sun. (Genesis 41:2-7)  He called all the wise men, and none could tell him what these dreams meant.  Then, by God’s providence, the cupbearer remembered Joseph!  He knew a man who could interpret dreams! (Genesis 41:9-13)   What “luck”!

Joseph quickly stated that he could not give an interpretation, but God would give Pharaoh the answer he needed. (Genesis 41:16)  Pharaoh repeated the two dreams to Joseph and Joseph answered!  The dreams were the same and revealed God’s plan to send a famine on the land.  There would be seven good years followed by seven years of severe famine affecting the whole region.  There were two dreams repeating the matter because God had decreed that this would happen and happen soon! (Genesis 41:28-32)

These stories from 3500 years ago reveal a God who is omniscient!  He knows what is going to happen in the future.  God is also compassionate and warns this world ruler, who was an idolater, about the plans.  He is also omnipotent because He did bring to pass the dreams that he sent to Pharaoh.  The seven good years came to pass and the seven years of famine also happened.  (Genesis 41:47, 53-54)  He also places in authority those He pleases.  He raised up Joseph from prison to be second in command over Egypt! (Genesis 41:41-43)  He is over all authority and uses it as He pleases to accomplish His will!  We can trust and obey a loving God like that!

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