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Conquering a stronghold

Scripture reading for March 2: Joshua 6-8

Have you ever faced a crisis that seemed impossible? Just out of college, my wife and I had started a farm business from scratch with the help of my father.   By 1981 we had borrowed over $600,000.  The farm economy took a turn for the worse and the land we purchased in 1979 for $2000 per acre was now only worth $600.  The interest rate that was six percent went to sixteen! We were hurting and in a mess! We turned to the Lord in repentance for our bad decisions and failure to follow His principles, asking for His help and grace. As we patiently worked and changed our approach to follow His Word, our debts began to shrink. We are debt-free today!

Joshua faced a tough, walled stronghold just inside the “promised land”.   As he contemplated what to do, he met up with an interesting person.  He was not sure who this person was at first, and asked him who’s side he was on.  The answer “neither” was surprising.  God is for all men but is working out His purposes to save as many as will respond!  Joshua removed his shoes as sign of holy respect when asked by the Lord and listened for instructions.  The plan for conquering this stronghold included all the Israelites.  They must march around the city each day for six days.  (Joshua 6:2 -5) The Ark of God was to lead the procession with seven priests carrying trumpets.  On the seventh day, they were to march around seven times and the priests were to blow the trumpets.  As they completed the journey, they were instructed to blow a loud trumpet blast and give a loud shout by all the people.  God promised that the walls would fall, and they did!

Humble obedience brings the victory!  He promises us this very same thing today.  Is there a stronghold that God has placed before you that seems impossible? What principles from Joshua’s conquest of Jericho can you apply to your situation? If He has given you victory, take time for a great shout of praise!

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