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The King’s Return

Scripture reading for April 1st: 2nd Samuel 19-20

After the rebellion of Absalom, King David was in mourning for the loss of this beloved son.  Even though this son had tried to take over his throne and kill him, David wished that he himself was dead instead!  This is the heart of God for all who perish outside of His grace!  He wishes none to perish but all to come to receive salvation!  (1st Timothy 2:3-4)  Joab, the commander of David’s army calls the king out of his mourning to be thankful for those who risked their lives to support him.

As King David returned, there were many things to make right again.  Rebellion leaves a residue.  People’s hearts are tested and their loyalties become clear.  Not everyone had sided with the king!  Some had openly dishonored him and some were still in rebellion.  David must again sit at the city gate and judge and encourage the people.  He must establish a team of advisers and leaders who will be loyal to help him.  As we read these chapters of 2nd Samuel, it is interesting to note how the king deals with these various situations.

First, David summoned the elders of Judah to meet with him.  Shimei, the Benjamite who had cursed David came with them with a thousand of his brothers and fell at the king’s feet, begging for mercy. (2nd Samuel 19:16-23)  Abishai recommended that he be put to death, but David gave mercy!  Revenge was not in his heart this day!   Mephiboseth, Saul’s grandson came before David and gave a conflicting story with that of his servant Ziba.  David gave a wise answer and did not make a judgment.  Barzillai, David’s friend and adviser came and David blessed him and gave him what he desired.

As we look at these events and how people came before David, I think ahead to the return of our King, Jesus Christ!  The return of Jesus will bring many surprises.  True loyalties will be exposed!  Our King will take with Him those who have been faithful and reward all who have come to Him for mercy.  He will not judge by what His eyes see outwardly, but He will be the faithful Judge who judges righteously.  He will deal with all rebels and dispatch them to their punishment.  He will return at a time when most are not expecting Him and His reward will be with Him.  I pray that you and I are ready and watching!

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