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Receive your full reward!

Scripture reading for November 25th:  2nd John

Key Scriptures for over-comers:  2nd John 7-9  “Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world.  Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.  Watch out that you do not lose what you have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.  Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son.”  

John the elder’s second letter warns the church to watch out for deceivers that are teaching a different gospel; denying that Jesus came in the flesh as God’s Son and Messiah.  They appeal to human reason that no one could be raised from the dead.  We must continue in sound doctrine and believe truth or we may lose our reward when Christ appears!  Trusting that Christ Jesus came as a man and died and rose again is the foundation of our salvation and alone can save us.

Observations for over-comers:  Deception will mark the last days before Christ returns.  Hold on to truth!  “Send forth Your light and Your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to Your holy mountain, to the place where You dwell.”  (Psalm 43:3)

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Be careful that your eyes are good!

Scripture reading for March 17th:  Luke 11

Key scriptures for over-comers:  Luke 11:34-36  “Your eye is the lamp of your body.  When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light.  But when they are bad, your body also is full of darkness.  See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness.  therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be completely lighted, as when the light of a lamp shines on you.”

In the natural world there are wave-lengths of light that do not illuminate.  Some of these are known as “black light.” This light does very little to illuminate what our eyes could see.  Jesus warned of ‘light’ that could be inside of us that was actually ‘darkness’.  He wasn’t talking about light, but about ideas and understanding that was not based in truth.   Man is actually born in darkness and must be reborn through the ‘light’ of the gospel.  (1st Corinthians 4:4)

We must carefully guard what we allow into our bodies and souls through our natural eyes.  The eye is the lamp of the body and our spiritual eyes are the lamp of our souls.  When we allow our inner man to be filled with sin and lust, our bodies and souls fill with darkness.  We can be deceived and enslaved by the darkness which leads to eternal darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth!

Observations for over-comers:  We must keep our eyes on the Lord and His word, the only source of true light!  “Send forth Your light and Your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to Your holy mountain, to the place where You dwell.”  (Psalm 43:3)

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