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The power of prayer!

Scripture reading for March 5th: Joshua 9-12

Sometimes the days aren’t long enough to get done everything that we would like to.  Joshua had just such a day when he responded to the call to help the Gibeonites. Joshua prayed to the Lord and asked God to cause the sun to stand still while the nation of Israel attacked it’s enemies.  God listened and performed a great miracle!

The Gibeonites had earlier deceived the Israelites in order to save their own lives.  Joshua made a covenant with them and then found out that they had lied to him. (Joshua 9:22-23)  As a result, this Canaanite tribe became servants to Joshua and Israel.  A lack of prayer and discernment caused this problem.  A short time later, five Amorite kings had formed an alliance and were attacking Gibeon.  God spoke to Joshua and told him to go and attack and He would give him the victory.  (Joshua 10:7-8)  Joshua and his troops marched all night long.  God helped the Israelites out with a heavy downpour of hailstones, killing more of the enemy than did the Israelites!  The fight was going well, but daylight would soon be gone.  Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still and God listened causing it to stand still in the sky for nearly a day! (Joshua 10:12-14)

For the sun to stand still in the sky, the earth had to quit rotating!  Only God could make this happen!  The hail storm that killed the enemy but did not affect the Israelites was also a miracle! (Joshua 10:11)  God always works with His people and loves to give them victory over their enemy, Satan!

At the end of this story, Joshua brought the five kings out of the cave and had his men put their feet on the kings’ necks. (Joshua 10:24-25)   He  instructed them to be strong and courageous!  They got a visual picture of victory and where God wants our enemy Satan!  (Romans 16:20)

Do you have a difficult request that only God can help with?  With God, nothing is impossible!  (Luke 1:37)  If we ask Him in faith, He is able to deliver the most difficult request.   Ask Him and honor Him with the opportunity to defeat your enemy and get glory!

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