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Honor and Worship!

Scripture reading for March 29th:  Judges 13-16, Luke 20

Key Scriptures:  Judges 13:17-20  “And Manoah said to the angel of the Lord, “What is your name, so that, when your words come true, we may honor you?”  And the angel of the Lord said to him, “Why do you ask my name, seeing it is wonderful?”   So Manoah took the young goat with the grain offering, and offered it on the rock to the Lord, to the One who works wonders, and Manoah and his wife were watching.  And when the flame went up toward heaven from the altar, the angel of the Lord went up in the flame of the altar.”  

God appeared to a childless couple and told them that they would have a son who would deliver Israel.  He gave them instructions that this child be raised as a Nazarite from conception.  This is a type of Jesus Christ, from Nazareth who was set apart to God from before the world began!

Luke 20:24-26 “”Show Me a denarius.  Whose likeness and inscription does it have?”  They said, “Caesar’s.”  He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’;s, and to God the things that are God’s.”  And they were not able in the presence of the people to catch Him in what He said,. . .”  

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, thank You for Your wisdom, “Wonderful” Name and works of wonder!  We give you praise and honor!  Amen!

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