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Human Weakness and God’s Purposes

Scripture reading for March 6th: Joshua 13-17

Are you old or feeling old and tired?   God understands that we get old and tired!  God even reminded Joshua that he was old and that there was still lots of work to be done in the promised land.  (Joshua 13:1, 13)  God is not on the same time schedule that we are to see His work completed. In fact, He understands us and uses us anyway to fulfill His purposes and when our time is over, He raises up someone else.

The Israelites had not completed taking the land and driving out the Canaanites who resided there.  God had told them to march through the land and He would give them every place that the sole of their feet would tread.  (Joshua 1:3)  He told them to be strong and courageous and obey Him completely for He would be with them wherever they went.  (Joshua 1:6-9)  God kept His word but they had not done the walking He asked them to.  However, even when we are faithless, God remains faithful to His word! (2nd Timothy 2:13)

Caleb and Joshua were the only two of the previous generation to enter the land of promise.  They did so because of their faith and obedience.  Caleb and Joshua remained true to God and sought to walk faithfully in the promises, even if they did not fully complete the tasks the Lord gave them.  Caleb’s example always amazes me.  He was about 85 when he spoke to Joshua about getting his inheritance.  (Joshua 14:10-12)  He had endured the 40 years of wandering and the years of conquest and was as strong as ever!  He remembered Moses’ promise from God to give the Israelites every place their foot would tread.  He was ready to take the mountain stronghold of the Son’s of Anak in Hebron.  The word of God records that Caleb followed the Lord “wholeheartedly.”

Even in our weakness, God can make us strong.  Faith brings strength to obey and conquer.  Faith makes God smile and fulfills His purposes.  When our time on earth is over, God honors faith.  It is not up to us to complete all the work, only the work of believing Him each day and doing what He has asked.  If Jesus tarries, we will all get old.  But we can walk by faith every day of our life and please God!

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