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Ancient snake-bite remedy!

Scripture Reading for February 16: Numbers 21-25

As they were guided by God through the desert wilderness, the Israelites were doing what they did best–grumbling!  As they grumbled against Moses and God, God sent poisonous snakes which bit the complainers and caused death.   (Numbers 21:5) The Israelites asked Moses to pray for them and confessed their sin. (Numbers 21:7)  God answered Moses as he prayed with some strange instructions. He was to make a bronze serpent and place it on a pole in the camp.  Anyone who was bitten by the poisonous serpent could look at the bronze snake on the pole and he would be healed! (Numbers 21:8-9)

What can we learn from this ancient story?  One lesson is that sin causes death!  God has repeated this over and over but His people seem to forget!  Another lesson is that grumbling against leadership isn’t pleasing to God.  When we do, we are actually grumbling against God.  A third lesson is that when sin’s consequences come, we run to our leaders for help and prayer–and God does answer.  We then must have faith to do what God asks in order to be saved or healed!  True faith is obedience to God’s revealed truth.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus referred to this story.  The snake that was lifted on the pole is a picture of Jesus Christ crucified.  He was made sin, Who knew no sin, that we might be healed from the serpent’s poisonous bite.  If we will look with faith to Jesus and His finished work on the cross, we will be saved and healed!  God loves His people and wants to save them from the poison of sin’s bite and the consequence of sin–eternal death! (John 3:14-18)  If we refuse the remedy provided by God, then we will die!  This ancient snake-bite remedy turns out to be the only remedy for all mankind!

Have you been obedient to God’s Word in dealing with sin in your own life? Was there a time in your life when you asked another believer or Christian leader to pray for you?  Thank God today for providing His “snake-bite” remedy through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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