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Vultures Gathering!

Scripture reading for October 27th: Luke 16-18

Vultures are birds of prey that feed off dead flesh.  These birds were used by God to clean up dead remains of fallen animals.  Vultures circle over dead or dying animals and then drop down to feed.  It’s easy to tell where dead flesh is by looking at the vultures circling.  Jesus used them to teach about the last days–that His disciples need to be ready when the end comes.

The Pharisees had asked Jesus a question about when the kingdom of God would come.  He told them it would not come with their careful observation because the kingdom of God is within each person.  This discourse caused Jesus to teach His disciples about the time of the end.  (Luke 17:20-25)  He warned them about people claiming to know where Christ was or to have seen Him.  They were not to go off after them because the Son of Man would appear suddenly and gloriously, like a flash of lightning.  This would not happen soon, because Christ must first suffer and be rejected by His generation.

Jesus warned them that the world situation at His return would be like the days of Noah.  (Luke 17:26-27)  In those days, life seemed to be going on as always right up until the day that Noah entered the ark.  God sent a sudden destruction through the flood that destroyed all who were not on board!  It would also be like the days of Lot.  People were busy living for themselves, doing normal things, unaware that sudden destruction awaited them before the sun went down.  Lot left Sodom, and fire and sulfur rained down destroying them all!

They were also encouraged to “Remember Lot’s wife!” (Luke 17:32)  Trying to save your life in this world will result in losing your life and soul eternally!  The day of the Son of Man will be a day that divides people from one another.  You won’t be able to tell by looking at people, for the kingdom of God is within them.  Those that believe in Jesus Christ and are holding fast to Him will be saved.  Those who do not possess saving faith, will be left behind and destroyed!

“Where Lord?” they asked.  He (Jesus) replied, “Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather.” (Luke 17:37)  The destruction will be widespread and vultures circling will mark the flesh of those destroyed!

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