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“Unintentional” sin!

Scripture Reading for February 3rd: Leviticus 4-7

God hates sin and cannot tolerate sin in His presence.  Satan, one of his closest angels, was cast from heaven because of the sin of pride.  God wanted His people to understand and know His holiness as He lived in their midst after their deliverance from Egypt.

God’s people were given the law of God in the Ten Commandments.  These chapters of Leviticus included specific sacrifices to be offered by individuals or the whole community who had broken these laws through a lack of understanding or neglect.  God’s people were held to a higher standard because of the presence of God in their midst.  To whom much was given, much would be required.  When a person defiantly broke a law of God, no sacrifice was left for him.  This will be dealt with later in another post.

God has made his basic laws known to all men through the conscience.  Every person has a conscience that alerts them when they are about to break a law of God.  (Romans 2:12-16)   The conscience can be seared by repeated sin so that it does not let you know that you are doing wrong any more.   (1st Timothy 4:2)  We are to keep a “clear” conscience by walking in love towards others. (1st Peter 3:16)

God was instructing His children, the Israelites, by these prescribed sacrifices in these chapters of Leviticus.   Each time they offered an innocent animal for a sin of ignorance, they had a visual aid helping them to change their behavior and their consciences were strengthened!  (Leviticus 4:29)  Their godly sorrow brought them to confess their sin and offer the sacrifice of blood.  (Leviticus 5:5,6)  These prescribed sacrifices could only be offered for sins that were not intentional.

The Holy Spirit convicts us when we sin to prompt us to willingly confess and repent. (John 16:8)   “If we confess our sins, , he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” (1st John 1:9)  Our priest, Jesus Christ, has already made the blood sacrifice for us.  He offered his own blood as atonement (covering) for our sins and bore them on the Cross!  We can “intentionally” be made clean from our “unintentional sins”!  Praise the Lord!   God in His grace has provided everything we need for salvation and cleansing of guilt from sins done in ignorance.

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