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Forbidden fruit!

Scripture reading for January 2nd: Genesis 3-5

I love fruit!  There’s nothing like a crisp, tart apple to make me smack my lips!  When I see a tree with ripe apricots, I have sweet thoughts of one of my favorite fruits!  Fresh cherries, juicy and sweet or tart pie cherries draw my attention quickly!  We always had fruit trees on the farm where we lived and have planted them everywhere we lived. The times of ripe fruit are always anticipated with joy and delight!

Adam and Eve were placed in a beautiful garden planted for them by God.  They were given responsibilities to tend and keep the garden.  They could eat any of the fruit that they wanted, except the fruit of one tree–the tree of the knowledge of good and evil!  (Genesis 2:15-17)  They enjoyed their work and freely ate the delicious fruit.

One day, the serpent came and tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit.  He drew her attention to it.  It looked good for food and was pleasing to her eyes. (Genesis 3:6)  He implied that God was withholding something that would be good for her and that God had not spoken the truth.  The woman was deceived and took the fruit and ate it, hoping to become wise and satisfied!  She gave some to Adam who also ate in spite of knowing God’s command!  And so the deception brought death as God had spoken.  Man was plunged into darkness with the knowledge of sin and evicted from the Garden of Eden.  (Genesis 3:22-23)

Forbidden fruit still temps all of mankind.  We have in us a desire to rebel against the word of God and to experience what is forbidden.  We think it looks good and pleasant and will satisfy us.  The very fact that God has said “no” drives us to desire and partake.  We find that what is forbidden actually may initially taste and feel good.  Afterward, it leads to slavery, bondage, and ultimately to death.

But God provided a remedy for those who ate the forbidden fruit and for us today as well.  He took an animal and clothed Adam and Eve with the bloody skins.   He covered their shame and nakedness so they could stand before Him.  (Genesis 3:21)  For us He provided something better!  The “seed of woman” that God spoke of is none other than Jesus Christ! (Genesis 3:15)  He provides our covering and makes it possible for us to stand before God as forgiven children!  Praise His Name forever!

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