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Sunday rest and reflection!

Sunday April 7th, 2014

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ!  Today Christians from around the world gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and encourage each other to prepare for His soon return for His Bride, the Church!  He died according to God’s plan, showing the world His Father’s great love in offering His body and blood as covering for sin.  He was buried in a tomb, but rose on the third day!  Death was defeated and life and immortality were brought to light as hope for anyone who would believe in Him!  We will anticipate His coming again as King of Kings!

If you need a church home or call Good Shepherd your home, please join us in this wonderful celebration as we gather to remember our Lord, worship, and pray!  Jesus Christ is the center of our church!

In His Love,   Pastor John and Mary


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Sunday rest and reflection–praise!

Greetings on this day of rest and reflection!  This happens to be Palm Sunday, a day to celebrate and praise the Lord for Jesus Christ, our King!  On this day we celebrate his triumphant entry into Jerusalem and the temple.  He came riding on a donkey colt surrounded by people waving palm branches and shouting “hosanna”!  He came to the temple to be examined by the religious officials because He was the final “lamb” sacrifice for the sins of all people!

This is an interesting tie to Solomon, the great and wise King of Israel.  Solomon was a King of peace!  He was exceedingly wise!  He ruled Israel, but made ties of peace with many other nations.  He took wives and concubines, 1000 in all, from many lands!  His splendor and wisdom were told of throughout the known world!  The wealth of nations were brought to him.  God’s favor rested on him to build a “house for God’s Name”.

Jesus Christ is Solomon’s greater son!  He is wisdom to us!  (1st Corinthians 1:30)  He is the Prince of Peace!  He will rule over the world from Jerusalem and the nations will serve and worship Him as King of Kings!  To God be the Glory forever and ever!  Amen!  Have a great day of praise and worship to our great King!  In Adorationof Him, Pastor John

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