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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Handwriting on the Wall!

Dear Friends,

Greetings on another day of resurrection rest!  We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death and the grave on the first day of the week!  In Him, we have assurance of our own resurrection and eternal life.  He is the first fruit from death’s grip and all who have put their trust in Him will enjoy resurrection life.  This Blessed Hope could come at any time since we are living in the last days and the time of the end is near!  (Revelation 22:10, 20)

As I look back on Daniel, I remembered the incident that was recorded of the fall of Babylon.  King Belshazzar was having a party and celebrating with the golden goblets of God’s house, which his father had taken from the temple some 70 years earlier.  (Daniel 5:1-6)  Suddenly a hand appeared and wrote some simple words on the wall of the banquet hall.  No one could interpret the words, but the Queen remembered Daniel who had been used in the past to interpret.

Daniel came before the king and humbly gave the king the difficult message written on the wall.  He recounted how Belshazzar’s father Nebuchadnezzar had humbled himself, but that this king had not done so.  “But you did not honor the God who holds in His hand your life and all your ways.” (Daniel 5:23b)  For this reason, God had weighed Belshazzar and found him wanting.  He would be removed from power and his kingdom divided between the Medes and Persians!

God held this king to accountability because of the knowledge of God revealed to him through God’s dealings with his father.  When we don’t act on the knowledge of God we have, we are in danger of judgment and removal from the earth!  I believe that this scene speaks to us in America today.  Many, like this pagan king, are partying and misusing their own vessels (bodies) when judgment is right at the door.  The handwriting is on the wall!  God will judge and only two classes of people will emerge!  One group will go into eternal life and glory.  The other group will go into everlasting shame and contempt! (Daniel 12:1-4)  (Revelation 20:11-14)

We have enjoyed much blessing because of the Gospel in our land.  Knowledge of God abounds and we are accountable.  The end will come suddenly and quickly!  Are you ready?

In His Love,

Pastor John

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