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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Partial Obedience

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this day of rest and reflection!  May the Lord bless you with refreshing as you worship Him and honor Him by listening to His holy word!  Your pastor has a word from the Lord this day that you and your family need to hear and heed!  Please don’t miss out on being in the presence of the Lord as His people gather for worship today!

As I reflect on the reading of this past week, yesterday’s reading about Saul’s partial obedience comes quickly back to mind.  I find that I, too,  can make excuses like Saul did and seek to justify my own way of obeying God.  Saul easily got rid of all the damaged goods, but kept the best.  He still felt that he had obeyed the Lord’s instructions because he had won the battle and had gotten rid of most of the goods.  When confronted, he said he was going to offer the rest as a sacrifice to the Lord.  This sounded like a good idea, but was not in line with God’s instructions to destroy everything!  What difference could it make if they would be offered to the Lord as a sacrifice?  They would still be destroyed?

God doesn’t take pleasure in sacrifices and offerings that are made in disobedience!  Our sin shouts loudly against us and grieves God’s heart!  He really wants His people to simply obey!  This is the best sacrifice we can give Him.  A heart of obedience to fully comply with His word brings God more pleasure than any other sacrifice!

As you chose what path you will take today, reflect on your heart!  Are you being obedient to what God has shown you is right?  Are you completely following God’s instructions, or making up your own rules and thinking God will understand your intentions?  Read 1st Samuel 15 again and reflect on Saul and his great loss because of rebellion and idolatry.   In His Love, Pastor John

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