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Passing the torch of faith!

Scripture reading for June 18th: Psalms 78-83

Oh how I long to see the next generations know the Lord!  I am burdened for my children and grandchildren!  They are living in a world that is growing increasingly cold and hostile to faith in God.  Humanistic ideas and thinking permeates the school systems.  Families are fragmented and many church people are luke warm or cold in their understanding and knowledge of God and His Word.  Families are so busy that they often neglect their spiritual growth to pursue work, sports, entertainment or success.  Priorities are out of order and problems in our culture spiral out of control.  We need a revival of spiritual life!  We need to pass the torch of faith!

Asaph, the worship leader who served David, wrote about this desire in Psalm 78.  He began with a plea for his people to hear his teaching and the words of his mouth.  He spoke in parables and uttered hidden things, things from of old.  These were things that were taught by the fathers in an age past but were not then being taught.  God often used stories.   Jesus, himself, taught in parables.  Parables are stories from common life that help us to understand spiritual truths if we have open hearts.  Ears that hear do not just mean ears that function.  They must also hear and comprehend.

Asaph gave the plan of passing on these teachings.  The key was to teach the children by telling the parables and stories to the next generation.  The next generation would then, in turn, tell them to their children and repeat this process from generation to generation. (Psalm 78:4-6)  The purpose of telling the stories was to encourage each generation to put their trust in the Lord.  They would remember the works that the Lord had performed and would learn God’s commands in order to obey them and walk by faith.

Asaph stated that the children were not to do as the fathers had done.  They heard and even experienced the stories, yet forgot God.  (Psalm 78:8)  They were a stubborn and rebellious generation.  They did not keep God’s commands or stay loyal to Him.  They saw the miracles but still sinned against God.  God judged them for their rebellion.  These were the stories that were to be repeated each generation.  They were given to instruct those with ears to hear!

Where are we failing today in passing the torch?  Could it be that we do not teach the stories to our children? Have we as parents learned the stories and applied them to our lives?   Have we set a good example as parents by obeying and living by faith?  We ourselves must do what the Word of God declares if it is to have the desired effect!  God promises to work through the parables to bring wisdom and understanding for life and godliness!

“We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done.” Psalm 78:4

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