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Man of Prayer!

Scripture reading for March 22nd: Luke 5:12-28

Luke is interested in prayer and many times notes Jesus praying.  “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5:16)  Jesus felt it necessary that He get away from people, even His disciples, and spend time with His Father.  He would go to a ‘lonely place’ where He could be alone and unhindered by noise and demands from others.  It is not that people are bad, but what is most important must be prioritized.  In order for Jesus to be effective and follow  Father’s instruction, He must have confidence that He knew what the Father wanted to do with each person and in each situation.  This confidence came through a relationship of prayer.

One prior encounter involved a leper who came trembling before Jesus begging for Him to make him clean.  The man wondered out loud if Jesus was willing to heal him.  Jesus knew the Father’s heart through prayer and relationship and could respond to this need in the affirmative.  “Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man.  “I am willing,” He said.  “Be clean!”  Immediately the Leprosy left him.” (Luke 5:13)

The rule for religious leaders was that they could not touch anything ‘unclean’ or they would be defiled themselves.  Jesus did not operate with the religious rules of the day, but rather was free to respond as His Father directed.  The results spoke for themselves to those willing to listen.  These miracles caused quite a stir and drew crowds of people with needs to hear Jesus as He preached the good news!

A second occasion is also recorded by Luke of a man who was paralyzed being let down through a roof for Jesus to heal him.  Luke records that the power of the Lord to heal the sick was present.  (Luke 5:17)  Jesus, seeing the friend’s faith,  spoke a word, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” (Luke 5:20)  The man was healed and restored in front of a crowd of people.  This was the result of prayer in the lonely place!

Could it be that we aren’t being used for the miraculous because we are not spending enough time in the ‘lonely place’, alone with our Lord?   Is faith present to bring people to Jesus for healing prayer?  God wants to do so much more to bring people to wholeness!  Lord, may I be a man (or woman) of prayer!

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