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The Glory of the Lord filled the temple!

Scripture Reading for April 4th: 1st Kings 5-8

Solomon, David’s son, had heard God’s decree that he, Solomon, would build the house where God’s Name would reside among His people.  He had a vision and purpose as a focus of his life.  He knew of the desire of his father David and willingly offered himself to the Lord to build this “House”.  (1st Kings 5:5)

In building the temple, Solomon employed many people.  Some came from lands outside Israel.  Solomon made covenants with many nations and the nations were drawn to Israel during this time of peace.  God granted favor and peace during the reign of Solomon for this purpose.

The temple was made of stone, cedar and pine wood, and precious metals.  Craftsmen worked off site on the stones so that the temple could be assembled without saws, chisels or hammers used on the site.  (1st Kings 6:7)  The temple took seven years to construct with thousands of workers meticulously adding every piece and detail in precise order and design. (1st Kings 6:38)  God is truly a God of order and a master craftsman!  His temple would be magnificent!

The crowning moment at the dedication of the temple tells how God, Himself, filled the House with His Glory!  I’d have loved to have been there to see it!  The priests had carried the Ark into the Holy of Holies and then withdrew.  The priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud of God’s glory!  (1st Kings 8:6-11)  Solomon declared a blessing to the people gathered there and thanked God for His faithfulness!

Solomon then knelt down, raised his hands toward heaven, and prayed a magnificent prayer of petition and dedication!  In this prayer are eight petitions of God to “hear from heaven” when His people call upon Him for help.  The central focus is forgiveness!  All of man’s troubles are caused by sin, either against God or man made in God’s image.  The consequences of sin bring famine, disease, plague, war, and death.  As God’s people cry out, God’s glory is that He will hear and forgive and act to bring healing and restoration!

Another focus of Solomon’s prayer was for the foreigner and those drawn to the temple from other lands and peoples.  Solomon asks God to hear their prayer as well so that all peoples of the earth may know His Great Name and fear the Lord!  (1st Kings 8:41-43, 60)  This prayer reminds us of Jesus instructing his followers to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations! His house shall be a house of prayer for all nations!  (Mark 11:17)   God has always had a world-wide vision!

Take time today to pray!  Ask the Lord to fill your temple with His glory!  This happened again on the Day of Pentecost when the new “Temple” built by a greater son of Solomon, Jesus Christ, was dedicated and filled with God’s Glory!  Tongues of fire and other tongues marked the new “Temple” as filled with the Holy Spirit, and they went out to witness God’s Glory to the nations!  The “living stones” are still being assembled without the sound of hammer or chisel!  To God be all Glory forever and ever!

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