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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Praying Leaders

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Glorious Name of Jesus Christ!  Another week begins with worship, prayer, and gathering with the people of God.  I pray that you are motivated to gather today to worship!  We need each other and God commands us to gather together, all the more as we see the day approaching of His sudden return.  It could be today!

As we look back on the last week, I am impressed by the strength of Ezra and Nehemiah as leaders of God’s people.  Their strength is evident in ways that men in our day would not easily relate to.  Ezra was strong because he was a priest and student of God’s word.  He studied and taught the law of God.  He was a man of faith who lived by what he believed and this took him into a place of leadership.  (Ezra 7:10,12)  When you study God’s word and desire to apply it, God gives you wisdom and insight.  He puts others of a like heart around you to accomplish His work.  (Ezra 7:25-28)  God gives you humility and courage to lead the people in repentance when there is a spiritual problem.  Ezra’s holy fit took humility and courage to walk through!  (Ezra 9:3-4)

Nehemiah was a man with a heart for God and for Jerusalem.  His sensitive heart and willingness to fast and pray took him into a place of leadership he never expected.  His life of prayer opened him to incredible opportunity to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls.  His focus on God’s will and direction gave him courage to face opposition and succeed!   His holy burden brought a miracle of restoration to Jerusalem and it’s discouraged people.  The work of God was quickly accomplished to His glory!

As you gather today with God’s people, listen for the word of God to show you a holy burden.  Begin to pray and seek the Lord, offering yourself to God.  Watch and see what He will do!  Praying leaders are what God is watching for!  Have a great week in the Lord!  In His Love, Pastor John

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