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Faithfulness brings mercy!

Scripture reading for September 11th: 1st Timothy 1, Psalm 31, Proverbs 26

1st Timothy 1:12-17 “I thank Him Who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because He judged me faithful, appointing me to His service, though formerly I was a blasphemer, persecutor, and insolent opponent. But I received mercy because I had acted ignorantly in unbelief, and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus. The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost. But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display His perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in Him for eternal life. To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Paul begins his letter to his young ‘son’ in the faith by sharing about how he received Christ’s mercy, Paul considered himself the ‘foremost’ of sinners, because he persecuted God’s people and even had some murdered out of zeal for the law and ignorance of faith and grace. He was worthy of great punishment and rejection by God. But through Christ Jesus, Paul received grace and an appointment into God’s service. He came to realize that it was Christ’s primary mission to save sinners, even ones as bad as he was! Christ used the miraculous change in Paul’s life as an example to others and as a display of God’s perfect patience. All Paul could do, along with us, was worship the King of the Ages Who lives forever and ever! God’s faithfulness and patience brought Paul into His family and us who believe as well!

Psalm 31:3-5 “For You are my Rock and my Fortress; and for Your Name’s sake You lead me and guide me; you take me out of the net they have hidden for me, for You are my Refuge. Into Your hand I commit my spirit; You have redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God.”

Prayer: Father God, thank You for Your amazing patience with me and the grace You have shown to all sinners throughout history. It is Your love and faithfulness that have brought me to a place of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. You have delivered me from pride and flattery as well as lying and violence. You are my King Eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God. You are worthy of honor and glory forever!

Proverbs 26:28 “A lying tongue hates its victims, and a flattering mouth works ruin.”

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