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The Power of a Shout!

Scripture reading for March 4th: Joshua 6-8

Fresh from recovering from circumcision, the Israelites were told by the Lord that He had given Jericho and all its fighting men into their hands.   They were facing a walled city with heavy defenses.  God gave Joshua the battle plan and he shared it with the people.  It was a strange plan that sounded more like a worship celebration than war.  When God’s people go to war against strongholds, their tactics are not like the world’s tactics!

God told Joshua to have the men march around the city once each day for six days.  Seven priests were to carry and blow their trumpets just ahead of the Ark of the Covenant.  No one was to say a word as they marched.  (Joshua 6: 8-10)   This must have been a very strange sight to those in the city.  An army marched ahead of the Ark of God led by seven priests blowing their trumpets.  Everyone was quiet; the only sounds were the trumpets blasting  and feet tramping around the city.

On the seventh day, the plan was altered.  They marched around the city seven times  and on the seventh time, as the trumpets sounded, each warrior was to shout.  (Joshua 6:15-17)  This shout was an act of faith that the Lord had given them the city.  The shouts rang out and the walls collapsed and the warriors ran into the city and put all living there to death by the sword.  They were devoted to the Lord and all the silver, gold, iron and bronze of the city was to be given to the Lord.  (Joshua 6:19-21)

The interesting thing about the destruction of Jericho, was the salvation of Rahab and her household.  Rahab the prostitute had hidden the spies and was promised protection if she stayed in her house and tied the scarlet cord to the window.  The collapsed walls did not harm Rahab and Joshua spared her as was promised!  God is faithful and merciful to those who choose to follow Him.  (Joshua 6:22-23)

This story helps us today to see how the presence of God and obedience brings victory over strongholds.  God fights the battles and leads his people.  Faith shouts can bring down the most hardened walls of opposition.  God protects those who are committed to Him and leads His people in victory through worship!  Give God a shout today as an act of faith!

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