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A “heart-warming” story!

Scripture reading for October 27th: Luke 22-24

Two disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus on the Sunday afternoon after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  One was named Cleopas and the other disciple is not named.  They were discussing the events of the Passover week that had just passed.  They were disciples of Jesus who were still reeling from their Master’s sudden crucifixion.  And that morning the women had come and told them that Jesus was risen!  (Luke 24:9-12)  Peter had found the grave clothes lying there by themselves with no sign of Jesus’ body.  All were perplexed and wondered what had happened to Him.  As they were walking and talking, Jesus joined them on the road and walked with them.  They did not initially recognize Him, but He struck up a conversation.

As Jesus asked them what they were discussing, they began to tell Him their experiences of the past week.  They told Him the whole story about the crucifixion of Jesus and the empty tomb.  Jesus then spoke clearly to them from the Law and the Prophets, showing them how the Messiah must suffer and die and enter His glory.  I’m sure it was an interesting Bible Study on that road that day and the time passed quickly.  Suddenly, they were at their destination and they had hardly begun.  They invited this Man to stay and eat with them.

As they sat at the table, Jesus took the bread, and gave thanks, and broke it to give to them.  During this simple act of fellowship around the table, their eyes were opened and they beheld Him!  He then disappeared from their sight!  They remembered how their hearts had burned when Jesus had opened the Scriptures and talked with them.  (Luke 24:30-32)  Jesus was walking with them and they had not known Him!

This story is heart-warming for us today!  What a gracious Savior who would care so dearly for His followers!   The Heavenly Father has given each of us the Holy Spirit to be with us daily on our walk.   (John 16:13-16)  He sets our hearts on fire for Him!  Each time we partake of the “Lord’s Supper”, we can have Him revealed to us as we give thanks, break the bread and drink the cup! (Luke 22:17-19)  We are so blessed to know Him and enjoy His heart-warming love!  One day we will see Him face to face!

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